Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Another faire and dog haning out of car

Yesterday I didn't even turn on my laptop. I got up at 6 am and sat down for the first time at 9 pm. I was invited to Miasole, a growing solar company, based in Santa Clara: I met a lot of other businesses and it was great to be part of this faire. Most businesses do these faires once or twice a week. I started to love my job even more! I was sitting there and realized that these people get paid to be at faires like these on a weekly basis. I get paid to hike and spoil pets.

On my home I met this dog owner, whose dog was litteraly "hanging" out of the window. I took the picture with my phone, therefore the quality is not that great. I'm not sure the dog thought it was that great after they hit 40 miles an hour. I will not share my comment but believe me ... my mouth stood wide open for a long time!