Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Belle and Koda

Belle is back and we are also fostering one of her deaf sons: Koda. Koda is a cute lil' guy. You cannot even notice he doesn't hear a thing. Adventurous, happy lil' fella. He sleeps in a crate in our bedroom. He came in very sick. Throwing up and diarrhea. Not good!

After two days he started feeling much better. That is when we realized that Koda needed a bit more work. The beginning of separation anxiety. He couldn't be alone one second. Communicating with a dog that hears nothing wasn't much of a challenge. Dogs read body language! Most of the times they miss our vocal instruction but they follow our gestures better. Craig Norman, Animal Behaviorist at the San Jose Animal Shelter, once said to me: the dogs have figured you out before you even enter their kennel. That sentence turned out so true. We have yet to figure them out but they have figured us out. How? Body language.

I have a cute picture of Koda. The kids renamed him from GrayJoy to Koda. A deaf Catahoula Leopard Dog. I simply love this breed. Smart, intelligent and quick learners. Did I tell you that one of Jeff's colleagues has 11 of these wonderful dogs ....